Besides Teeing Off, This Is What You Can Use Your Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket For

Besides Teeing Off, This Is What You Can Use Your Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket For

Do you play golf? How often you may have had this question asked before, and if you replied in the negative, you may have felt that you were losing out somehow. Because you were about to see the back of a good acquaintance just made at a local public house you frequent often. While you stay on with the same old, same old, he trundles off towards greener pastures. The greener pastures are none other than the fine links dotted across the island.

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These are your fairways and greens of some of England and Scotland’s finest golf courses. There are other greener pastures. The chap that has just left you is about to seal another deal once his round of nine holes is completed with his associates. Congratulatory drinks all around in the clubhouse while you still wile over your stale brown ale.

Take it up, dear boy. There’s never been a better time than now to take up the fine game of golf, a game played only by gentlemen of your ilk. You may feel as though you are as old as the green hills right now, but do not let that concern you. Folks of all ages, even old codgers like you can take up this fine game. The blustery wind may chill your spine, fair enough, but there’s always the galvin green waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry so long, not high and dry. High and dry is how it will be if you prolong your social time down at the local.

High and mighty is how you will be after you have acquainted yourself well with the fine game of golf. After learning your way past a few weekends, you will be fit in no time. You won’t be needing those gadgety golf carts you see being mobiled across the lawns in those silly movies. It is rather sporting to trundle from one hole to the next. Yes, that’s right chaps; golf is a gentleman’s sport. But, oh dear, even that has changed.

Gone are the good old days. Gone are those stereotypical weekends when married men picked up their golf kit bag and left the old missus all alone, home alone with the kids, or home alone with the washing and the cat. Because these days, the missus is playing too. Just when you thought you could get a way for a while. Oh well. But Lordy, does it rain in your neck of the woods! So, you and the missus love spending time together over the weekend. But you’re not playing golf. Both you and your missus can wear a fine galvin green waterproof jacket to potter about in the patch, fussing over your potatoes, onions, cabbages and tomatoes.

Or you can wear it as you make a dash across the parking lot for shelter and shopping bliss in your favorite mall.