Gifs or SVG Animation- Which is Best?

Gifs or SVG Animation- Which is Best?

This is a world of computing all around. While you may find many small areas of the world that have absolutely no modern amenities but it isn’t a far travel from any of these places to the computer zones again. On a basic level, it is easy to understand why this is called the technical age. There is a device or software to handle just about anything you could think of and the technical assistance is growing. If you had to come up with animation in a short period of time, go to the computer.

When you are dealing with images, there are a few file types they can be saved in. The most used format is the gif file format which has been with us for some time and it comprises most graphic files you will use for any purpose. The only problem is the file size. Gifs are notoriously large files, making them more difficult to share.  Especially when you are working on a serious project, time is of the essence. Exchange of information is vital for the team. SVG animation will store files with minimal data usage.

Using gifs is not nearly as practical as using SVG. Page load times are greatly improved due to the smaller file size. It is also simple to learn and use the better software that is available. Since you do not need to know coding to use it, the scope of users can be expanded. Both for yourself and the team you are working with, great graphic design will come forward with easier steps.

SVG animation

As you work with the premium animation software available with SVG, the possibilities become clearer. Changing static images into animation as you want it is now easier than it has ever been. Easier is always good but only if it does not sacrifice quality. Some software for SVG is harder to use than others. The software that requires coding knowledge is obviously more difficult to work with, particularly for those who do not know code. The good news is that software is available for those without coding prowess.

All of this points to the continuing advancement of technology. We have reached a point where even some of the more complex programming tasks can be performed by anyone who knows how to use it. Though that may have put a number of people out of jobs, there are always slots to be filled as we try to go beyond that winning software. Having good tools to use expands your abilities. This makes you look more capable because you actually are.

Think about the time and effort it takes to make decent, high quality animation. You are not necessarily looking for the quality that you would find in movies. That is an entirely different realm. Instead, you will initially work with basic, static images and then put in the animation for all key frames. The next thing you know, animation is going down just fine and you will have the project completed faster than ever.